Melatoni 5mg. 180 tablets

Melatoni 5mg. 180 tablets

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Do you know that in addition to nutrition, sleep and movement, sleep is the most important thing?

This means that you can eat healthy and do sports regularly, but if you don't sleep well, you will not be supplied with energy all day and feel good ...

Melatoni, the sleep hormone, plays an important role in regulating your physiological calm and activity cycle.

Sufficient sleep is one of the most important healing mechanisms of the body and for mental health.

The right amount of sleep in good quality helps every night to regulate our emotions, concentration and memory.

This dietary supplement helps you to restore normal sleep patterns by offering the body excellent antioxidant support.

Each tablet delivers 5 mg of melatoni.


From the first tablet:

You sleep faster
And sleep better.

3 weeks and beyond ...

Your sleep cycles are better regulated,
so that they wake up less frequently at night.

Advantages of Melatoni:

  • Plays a crucial role in sleep quality at night
  • Helps to better control the sleep cycle and the waking phases
  • Can be helpful when restoring normal sleep patterns
  • Melatoni helps travelers because it reduces the jet and can accelerate the adaptation to the new time zones

When the sun goes down, the body's melatoni production increases dramatically.

This hormone has proven to be effective to calm our body and prepare for a state of sleep.

Melatoni 5 mg tablet is a highly effective and effective oral resolution tablet, which promotes the natural release of melatonin through your body and helps you to fall asleep faster.

Recommended application:

As a dietary supplement, take a tablet with water half an hour before going to bed !!! Dietary supplements. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The dietary supplement cannot be used as a replacement for a varied diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.

Melatoni 5mg for sleep

Melatoni 5mg or 10mg is a good option for sleep, it is a hormone that is of course produced by the body and whose main function is to regulate the circadian cycle and let it work normally. In addition, melatonin promotes smooth functioning of the body and acts as an antioxidant.

This hormone is produced by the pineal gland, which is only activated if there are no light stimuli, i. H. Melatoni is only produced at night and leads to sleep. It is therefore important to avoid light, noise or aromatic stimuli before going to bed, which could accelerate the metabolism and reduce melatoni production. In general, melatoni production decreases with increasing age, which is why sleep disorders occur more often in adults or older people.

Although Melatoni is naturally produced by the body, it is also possible to obtain it through dietary supplements or medication, and it can also be included in nutritional supplements.

How is Melatoni manufactured?

Melatoni, also known as the "sleep hormone", is produced and released by the pineal gland in the brain. The trigger for its production is receptors in the eyes that recognize the absence or presence of light and start the process of melatoni formation.

This production always takes place when the amount of natural light decreases, which is the case with dusk at the end of the day. The hormone should contribute to regulating the circadian cycle, the "biological clock" that helps us to sleep and practice activities.

Melatoni contributes to the nightly relaxation that we need to relax. After sleep, production decreases so that the body stays awake all day.

Can you lose weight with Melatoni?

This is a frequent question of people who use melatoni. We know that this hormone is responsible for promoting several important functions in the body.

Medical studies indicate that taking this substance is associated with an acceleration of the fat metabolism and an increase in sporting performance, which leads to increased fat burning. The human body has different types of fat, each with different functions.

In this case, a healthy type of energy -burning fat, the so -called "beige fat", reproduces when the body produces sufficient amounts of melatoni, so that those who use it experience an increase in metabolism and weight loss.

In return, it is important to combine intake with a balanced routine that includes regular physical activity, a balanced diet and sufficient sleep.

It should be remembered that weight loss is not the main goal of the melatonization supplement.

Melatoni in food

The hormone melatoni is formed in the body by a variety of foods that must contain carbohydrates, protein, calcium and vitamin B6. Some foods contain melatoni in its pure form, while others contain the components necessary for its synthesis.

When we talk about the foods in which melatoni is contained in its finished form, it is certainly worth mentioning

Melatoni for autistic children

Studies indicate the effectiveness of melatoni in autistic children who have sleep problems. According to research results, some autistic children have a lower melatonin level.

As a result, you have difficulty falling asleep and sleeping through at night.

A professionally monitored nutritional supplement can increase the mirror of the sleep hormone and help to improve the quality of sleep in children and adults with a certain degree of autism.

In addition, Melatoni is a sleeping pills, which in turn means that it makes the person who takes it sleepier. Another plus for the use of this natural substance is your security with a few or no undesirable effects, your mobility and its effectiveness.

Melatoni combinations

The use of nutritional supplements is widespread due to its diverse advantages for the functionality of the entire organism. Most of them act in a natural and safe way and stimulate the natural processes in the body.

One of the great advantages of the nutritional supplement is the possibility of maximizing the results achieved by combining natural substances. In the case of Melatoni, it is no different.

This powerful hormone can be associated with important natural chemicals and nutrients, which in turn increase the effect and make them more effective and faster. Take a look at it.


As we have seen, Melatoni is a hormone that controls the sleep-wake rhythm (circadian cycle) as a neurotransmitter. It is not only essential for sleep, but also has advantages for the entire body by ensuring its good maintenance.

Its intake is very much in demand to ensure better health and quality of life. Some of its main advantages are the modulation and stimulation of the immune system, the reduction of anxiety, the control of the endocrine system, an increased insulin sensitivity and the improvement of stomach complaints.

However, it has its greatest impact on the introduction, maintenance and extension of a relaxing and high -quality sleep. Whatever your goals and needs are, Melatoni can be your great ally and guarantee you better well -being.

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Mitzi Stagl
Bessere schlafen

Ich habe in mehreren Jahren sehr große Probleme, konnte nur selten einschlafen, erst nach 3 bis 4 Stunden. Jetzt nehme ich eine Tablette ein halbe Stunde schlafen gehen und schlafen nach ein viertel Stunde. Ich habe ein neues Leben mit die Tabletten bekommen.

Birgit Schimmy

Danke für das Angebot. Leider noch nicht erprobt.

Jolanta from Belfast
Great product and great company

I’ve ordered melatonin from this company twice and I’m very happy customer.
Melatonin is my life changer. I fall asleep with no problems and I wake up in the morning with no problems.
Great services too! Reliable Company! Tracking avialable on the Shop app.
Thank you!

Inga Sillassen

Meget glad for dette produkt, sover godt igennem hele natten.

Gabriela Jaskulla
Ein gutes Produkt!

Wirkt gut. Weiterempfelung!

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