Refund policy

Return and exchange
Change or cancellation
Return and exchange
False delivery and defective goods
Transport damage
Change or cancellation
To change an order is unfortunately not possible. Please cancel the order in this case and create a new one.

To cancel an order, log on to our website in your customer account. Open the appropriate order via "View" and click on the link "Cancel order". If the payment has already been made, the purchase price will be refunded to you within 3 working days.

As soon as the order has been sent, cancellation is no longer possible. Please do not accept the package for postal delivery and tell the postman that he should return it immediately. As soon as we have received your return, we will refund the purchase price to you.

Please contact us in this case by email or by phone, so we know that the order will be returned to us. Enter your order number so that we can edit your concern more quickly.

Return and exchange
We offer you the highest quality products and guarantee 100% satisfaction. If an article does not meet your wishes, you can return or exchange it without giving reasons within 30 days.

Important: Returns without notice will not be accepted! Contact us by phone or by email so that we can organize the return for you.The costs of return is borne by the buyer

You will receive the full purchase price, get a credit or change the product. The return period begins with receipt of the goods. To safeguard the deadline, the timely dispatch of the goods are sufficient. In any case, we take over the risk for your return.

After we have received your return, we transfer you to the full value of goods within 7 days on your account or exchange the goods according to your wishes. Shipping or COD costs can not be refunded.

False delivery and defective goods
If an article will be deficient or you do not get that goods you have ordered, please let us know by email or by phone so that we can send you a replacement delivery as soon as possible.

After you have received the replacement delivery, you are obliged to return the goods delivered first within 30 days. In any case, we take over the costs and risk for your return.

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