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Buy melatonin 2 mg

Buy melatonin 2 mg

 Many of them have probably already suffered from insomnia, a state that is characterized by long sleep times and poor sleep quality so that they feel tired. If you suffer from chronic insomnia, you have to take sleeping pills, the main disadvantage of which is to fall asleep quickly or to have a "heavy head" in the morning. Melatonin -based medicines do not have these disadvantages. Let's see that Melatonin More precisely, in particular its positive and negative properties.

Melatonin is a hormone

Melatonin is a hormone, but not that that causes weight gain, acne and other "disadvantages", but the one that regulates our daily biorhythm. Most of it is produced in the pineal gland (a small endocrine organ in the skull cavity), with active synthesis begins at dusk. It gets into all body fluids, especially into the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid. The melatonin concentration is highest between 0:00 and 5:00 a.m. About 30 micrograms of melatonin are produced per day, Buy melatonin 2 mg From our shop. This hormone is the main regulator of human sleep and has no direct effect on the sleep -inducing brain structures, but slows down. The production of hormones in the pineal gland depends heavily on the exposure to light. Melatonin production in summer, when daylight is longer, is lower than in winter. The rhythm of the hormone release is badly disturbed in blind people when the time zone is changed within 12 hours, but also with shift work. The pineal gland hormone influences the distribution of other biologically active substances. It inhibits the distribution of sex hormones and easily reduces the hormone production of the pituitary gland.

Buy advantages of melatonin melatonin 2 mg

  Melatonin has the following positive effects: Antioxidant. This hormone is the strongest internal "deactivator" of free oxygen radicals, which have a carcinogenic effect and accelerate cell aging by damage to the DNA, proteins and the lipid. Cancer -inhibiting effect. Melatonin can tell the immune cells that abnormal cells have appeared and they destroy themselves if their number is still low. Melatonin is also useful to stimulate the immune system by activating the thymus gland, the "leader" of the immune system, and the thyroid gland. This hormone reduces fears and improves emotional well -being. In stressful situations, it reduces adrenaline and some other hormones, which leads to an anti-stress effect.

It increases serotonin levels without which depressive states are created.

Adaptogenic properties - support of immunity, especially in difficult times: change of weather, climate, travel. Melatonin has a mild effect and accelerates the transition to sleep within 1-2 hours after taking it. It should only be taken in the darkest hours of the day. People who have taken the medication report reports that they have colorful dreams all night and wake up by themselves without being dependent on an alarm clock; You feel awake and sleep at the same time. In a study on the benefits and damage of melatonin, the dose of the drug was deliberately exceeded a thousand times. However, no side effects were observed during the day, in the week or in the month afterwards. There is also evidence that 24 grams were taken for a month and no adverse effects have been observed.

Hormone's harmfulness

Only a small number of people who have taken sleeping pills with melatonin reported a flat sleep with frequent waking up and no feeling of weakness or tiredness in the morning. The side effects can also include:
  • Headache;
  • Depression;
No allergic reactions have been described - Modern preparations use synthesized melatonin in the laboratory and no animal epiphysis. It has not been observed that melatonin causes serious damage to the body, but it has only been on the market for a short time and its long -term effects have not yet been observed. Since it has not been proven that synthetic melatonin is harmful, it is recommended not to use it as a precaution without medical advice:

What is the melatonin for: effect and roll in the body

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the circadian rhythms of the organism. H. The activity fluctuations associated with the change of day and night. Therefore, it is also referred to as sleep hormone or night hormone. Melatonin is produced by a special gland, the pineal gland that is in the brain. In addition to the epiphysis, it is also produced by other organs. The main task of melatonin is to inform all body systems about the beginning of the night and the entry into the "sleep" mode. The production of this hormone is linked to the lighting. Melatonin production slows down in light light, and it increases with increasing darkness. Therefore, light artificial light can disturb the natural rhythm. For example, television and mobile phone before going to bed. The regulating role of melatonin is universal for all living organisms - it occurs in all known animals, starting with the unicellar. Even in plants, melatonin is produced. Effect of melatonin:
  • Indirectly it prevents overweight and reduces stress after training
  • Reduces emotional, intellectual and physical activity
  • Regulates the seasonal cycles in many living things
  • Promotes immunity and the formation of antibodies
  • Slows the aging process through antioxidant properties
  • Influences the adaptation processes when changing the time zones quickly
  • Regulates the function of the digestive organs and the brain cells
  • Buy melatonin 2 mg can be one of the best decisions
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