Ist Melatonin für Schwangere sicher?

Is melatonin safe for pregnant women?

Melatonin safe for pregnant women

Before we talk about the security concerns and the effectiveness of taking melatonin during pregnancy, it is appropriate to first learn about melatonin. Simply put, it is a hormone distributed from the pineal gland and serves to block the formation of melanine, a known pigment. This melatonin has a significant impact on maintaining the reproductive cycle. So it can definitely, gives his effective results when the women who understand, given. Below are some facts and essential insights on this topic.


The role of melatonin during pregnancy


Melatonin is known for many essential functions, as it is an important factor for maintaining the sleep-wake cycle and the reproductive cycle. Therefore, it is mainly taken as a dietary supplement of those who want to sleep better. The body produces it naturally; Therefore, it is used to maintain the right circadian rhythm that ensures a healthy sleep at night and a wax in the early morning. So his use has become trend to enjoy adequate recovery. Ovarian and placenta produce high levels of melatonin and ensure that it is used during pregnancy and birth. On average, melatonine levels in the 24th week of pregnancy is increased, in the 32th week he is even higher. Melatonin works with Oxytocin to support birth and birth process. So it has the ability to change the hormone system while regulating the sleep-wake rhythm. They can take melatonin on both ways to pay attention to a moderate concentration and adequate use.


Keep in dimensions when taking melatonin


Undoubtedly, Melatonin offers effective results when taken during pregnancy, but it is not recommended to take it in excess. Although the body produces it naturally, it is not recommended to take it in the long term. Short-term intake has proven to be effective during pregnancy. A high dose or long-term ingestion can have catastrophic effects on the birth weight of the baby's birth weight, the health of the mother and even the death of the baby, since melatonin is also included in the fruit water, which is interesting in this context. Babies are dependent on the melatonine supply of their mother while they are in the uterus and also 9-12 weeks after birth. In short, these melatonin additives influence the health of mother and fetus. It should therefore be more research on the concentration of ingestion, which may not have a negative impact and should be taken in particular during pregnancy.


How can Melatonin supplements be taken?


Melatonin supplements can be taken in the form of drying capsules. The recommended dosage is 1-3 mg, which can increase the melatonin levels by 20 times.

Since Melatonin is related to sleep-wake rhythm, it should be taken every day at the same time. However, only after consulting the doctor.


General findings about melatonin


The relationship between melatonin and pregnancy is still a testing because most studies and experiments were performed on animals. It has proved to be a key factor to reduce oxidative stress. Other interesting facts have been discovered, which clearly demonstrated the effect of melatonin in reducing the risk of pre-eclampsia, premature birth and intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). These studies on the effects of melatonin on reducing the risk of pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction and prematures are still continued, but there are already obvious findings on the positive effects of melatonin on the total embracing rate and the quality of embryos. In addition, Melatonin seems to reduce the oxidative stress in humans. So you can not deny that Melatonin plays a role everywhere if you use its optimal concentrations.


To the summary


Pregnancy is a critical period of nine months, which initially requires appropriate care and recording of nutritious food. You should pay attention to a healthy food intake and not on dietary supplements if they are needed. Melatonin is good for reducing the risk of miscarriage and ensuring a proper function of the placenta, but its high intake can have a negative impact on the health of mother and fetus. High doses or additional concentrations may come to nausea, drowsiness, headaches and dizziness. So it should be a moderate intake of melatonin after proper consultation with the doctor to avoid such results because it often said that excessive recording of every nutrient or supplement is terrible for health, whether in the state of pregnancy or postpartum phase . Moderation is the top priority in all phases to enjoy the healthy results.



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