Melatonin and alcohol

Can you mix melatonin and alcohol?

The effects of alcohol consumption may be different from person to person. They depend on the age, the genetic predisposition and the health of a person. Before and after taking a melatonin supplementary preparation, alcohol should be completely avoided. Alcohol consumption has a number of negative effects on the body; He affects the circadian rhythm and worsens the quality of sleep and the immune response of a person. Therefore, it is not advisable to combine the two products together to avoid potential negative impact on health.


How does the mixture of melatonin and alcohol affect insomnia?


About 50% of the adult population in the US suffers from insomnia. Statistics have shown that between 2005 and 2010 about 9 million adult drugs have taken to sleep better. The effects of insomnia or sleep disorders are so harmful that they lead to depression, anxiety, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Since they are aware of the risks associated with taking sleeping pills, adults have steer their concerns about the use of dietary supplements and natural remedies to achieve a quiet and relaxing night's sleep. People who suffer from sleep disorders often tend to take alcohol to improve their sleep, and they get bad results after that. Free-to-sell beds like melatonin are often considered safe, but that's not always true, because the combination of melatonin with alcohol has catastrophic consequences for health.


How does alcohol affect insomnia and other body processes?


Insomnia is defined as a state in which it always comes to disruptions when falling asleep, while sleeping and reaching a good sleep quality. It affects dramatically on the daily workout routine of a person, as it makes the person feeling sleepy all day and offers great difficulties with the completion of his tasks ideal as the person wants. The soothing characteristics of the alcohol have brought many young adults to consume him only to sleep properly. Alcohol is not good to solve this problem as it looks; It reduces the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which is intense to experience an intensive form of sleep, which will experience a person and creates disturbances during the night. So if you think that alcohol consumption makes you sleep quietly, then think wrong, because he only makes your sleep bad and endanger your health at a high degree.


Cycle of self-medication


If you drink alcohol to get rid of the problem of insomnia, the cycle of self-medication arises. This cycle consists of a combination of alcohol and caffeine, where alcohol acts as a depressive effect, which ensures good sleep, and caffeine as stimulant, which keeps the person active throughout the day. These factors ensure a balance in the body processes and make people depending on these substances. Many experts have detected a close correlation between alcohol consumption and insomnia. Those who consume alcohol to sleep regularly even after discontinuation of the alcohol still suffer from the symptoms. Alcohol thus leads to obvious changes in sleep behavior and the general health status of a person.


Pronounced effects of mixing


The combination of melatonin with alcohol is not a good choice. There are many reasons that support this fact. For example,

- Drowsiness appears in a person who combines both. This condition does not be able to concentrate on the tasks.

- Dizziness makes you even harder and makes the person not be able to drive when he wants and to do, certain tasks.

- It can come to anxiety, which in turn can increase blood pressure in the body.

All situations can prove very dangerous and bring a person to the edge of a disease.




There are many ways to achieve the practical results of Melatonin. It is not always advisable to take it alone; Likewise, it is not always advisable to take it with a combination like alcohol. It is best to take melatonin in the form of tablets available in grocery stores and can also be mixed in drinks to increase the solubility. Many experts recommend taking melatonin about 30 minutes before going to bed and not combining it with drinks that could endanger health. However, taking melatonin and some dietary supplements may prove effective. But despite the instructions and proper recipes, high priority should enjoy the best results sooner or later.





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