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Numerous populations have become accustomed to the regular taking of melatonin for various purposes. Some consider it suitable for maintaining sleep, and others use it to keep up energy. The number of people taking melatonin has steadily increased. Statistics of the National Center for Health Statistics of the National Institute of Health show that about 0.6% of adult US population consumed melatonine in 2007 and about 1.3% in 2012, which means more than a doubling. And 3.065 million adults indicate that they take Melatonin in the last 30 years. Since it is a natural product, it is very in demand and after fish oil the natural product used on the second most common of children in the United States. In addition, global markets have recorded an enormous increase in melatonin production and sales, which causes people to buy melatonin.

Why should people buy Melatonin?

There are several reasons for the increasing use of melatonin in the population. His value is equally important for children and adults. Many people take Melatonin to get their sleep disorders under control, and that's right. Melatonin controls sleep disorders in children and prevents stress before and after surgery. In addition to these obvious uses, other uses of melatonin should also be considered before choosing his purchase. Melatonin is an important complement to strengthen immune defense. When it penetrates into the cell, it protects its structure and works mainly as the protective reaction on nerve cells. In addition, it has profound regulatory effects on the secretion and function of cytokines. Melatonin maintains the reproductive cycle in women and minimizes the likelihood of abnormalities. All of these factors and quality features have favored the purchase and market exit of Melatonin and the people caused to fall on his intake.

Why Melatonin?

A melatonin supplement can be taken in powder form or in the form of pills, and it is soluble in ethanol to at least 50 mg / ml. People tend to take these supplements in the form of tablets and regulate their secretion through behavioral habits. The intake of melatonin has several advantages. For example;

  • Melatonin preparations can be kept in stock from any company you sold.
  • It's easy to transport because people can easily make these supplements and use them at the time of necessity.
  • Melatonin supplements prefer high quality and reasonable prices as well as easy to use.
  • It is best allergy-friendly named Pure Encapsulations Melatonin 3mg capsules.
  • These are the best vegetarian tablets for a whole life.
  • These melatonin supplements are free of pollutants.

These properties make melatonin one of the most chosen products and top priority among others.

Sexual and age for melatonin


Children under three years should not be supplied with melatonin as the difficulties in falling asleep and sleeping in these children are attributable exclusively to the behavior. The children who benefit from taking Melatonin should not exceed a dose of 3-6 mg. However, women produce comparatively more hormones such as cortisol and sex hormones as men, so that the need for women is higher than in men. Another factor may be the woman's pregnancy stage in which the intake of melatonin is recommended, but in a moderate concentration. Due to these gender special features, Melatonin is more suitable for women, especially in the childbearing age.

Go to conclusion about melatonin


Undoubtedly, the purchase of melatonin in many ways is a good choice, but it is now a difficult task. First, it is important to note the precautions when taking. For example, its use is effective only for the period of two years, so try to use it within the specified duration after the purchase. It can be harmful to the nursing mother or woman at a breastfeeding age. His oral intake is considered safe, so try to ensure that every risk is to avoid. The optimal daily dose for children is about 3mg and for an adult about 5mg. So always try to limit the limits before taking. All these preventive measures make the use of melatonin a bit tricky, but not reduce its value.



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