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Melatonin is advertised as a sleep aid in many places

Whether in the TV advertising, in pharmacies or in drugstores: melatonin is loudly touted as a "sleep hormone". It is included in tablets, sprays or solutions.

Also, search queries on Google show that some sleepless help expect from the supposed miracle: since 2020 they rise.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that produces the body mainly in the pineal gland, a part of the intermediate brain, when it gets dark. Then the production slowly increases, our body temperature decreases, we will tired.

Between two and four in the morning, the body pours the majority of the melatonin, then the mirror decreases again. Light inhibits the synthesis of the hormone. Melatonin regulates our sleep-wake rhythm and affects our inner clock. So the idea arose that artificially supplied melatonin can sleep better.


Melatonin 10mg

However, a melatonin occupied is rapidly reduced in the liver and only reaches blood relatively little. This can be different in older people as liver function decreases. But also here: That's different from person to person. Also worth knowing: A too low melatonin mirror can cause sleep disorders, but it does not have to. For this reason, 10 mg of melatonin tablets are recommended.

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Rather useful for older people, but also not excluded for younger

At least to try out the hormone, on the other hand, in older people make sense, in which the evening mirror can sink age due, says Fietze. In Germany, prescription melatonin tablets (with two milligrams of melatonin) for short-term therapy of sleep disorders in patients over 55 years are approved. "And they are here," says the sleeping physician. The palist recommends the 10 mg of melatonin tablets.

Anyone who tries melatonin should take the hormone about an hour before bedtime, he advises. Since 2018, another prescription drug has been admitted to the treatment of sleep disorders in children and adolescents with autism syndrome since 2018. Even with a shift of sleep-wake rhythm, for example when jetlag, melatonin shows low effects. A Cochrane review from the year 2002 came to the conclusion that Melatonin can be helpful in Jetlag complaints - especially on flights that lead to the east and cross five or more time zones. However, the studies are often very small, the dose varies as well as the time when the subjects occupied the drug. The results are therefore not very reliable. A problem that many studies have to melatonin.

Even with shift work, melatonin may be helpful in adapting sleep-wax rhythm. However, the hormone probably has no influence on the sleep.

When can a melatonin supplement make sense?

Melatonin, falling asleep and whether melatonin can be addictive. Sleep - one of the most natural things in the world for many people is anything but self-evident. According to the Austrian Society of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research (ASRA) around a quarter of Germans can of restful sleep only dream of. Some people do not find to sleep, others do not sleep properly. Who is tired of counting sheep, melatonin can try a dietary supplement in the form. The Sandman hormone prepares the body and mind before the bedtime. Melatonin is taken just before bedtime and can help to shorten the sleep time. Melatonin has an addiction risk based on current knowledge neither a habituation effect.

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Melatonin in menopause. Women in the middle of life are characterized by hormonal changes. In menopause, the mirror of many chemical messengers decreases - including the sleep hormone melatonin. At the same time, many women are plagued by sleep problems, which also favor the melatonin waste, among other things. Women who are tired of sleep deprivation can find help in a melatonin preparation. As a natural companion for the conversion, the Sandman Hormone can help you easier to find back to sleep.

Melatonin and jetlag. Fernreisen can be balm for the soul. However, when crossing a plurality of time zones, the inner clock can get out of the clock if the "damped" day-night rhythm is no longer matching that of the new environment due to the time shift. You feel tired, limp and unconquentricated, you're just "Jet-Laid". An insider tip to relieve the subjective jetlag feel is melatonin. At the beginning of their journey and taken at the first holidays before bedtime, it helps to convert their inner clock to the new time zone so that they can enjoy their well-deserved holiday from the beginning. In these three cases, the supply of 10 mg of melatonin tablets is particularly suitable.

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